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Jan Bezzo, Shadow Dog Photography


Desire: The Music of My Soul Book Cover

Desiree: The Music of my Soul

A poetic and soul-stirring love story which captures one woman's journey of strength and self-discovery that transcends grief and loss. Filled with hope and inspiration, Desiree: The Music of My Soul symbolizes the resilience of the human soul. 

Deputy Paws and the Puppy Mill Cause Book Cover

Deputy Paws & the puppy mill cause

Rescued from a puppy mill, Deputy goes on a mission to save other dogs from the same sadness he endured.

In this fun rhyming adventure, an animated and whimsical cocker spaniel pup takes center stage as he defends the freedom of all dogs.

What Readers Are Saying

"Desiree, The Music of My Soul, is so much more than a story of a dog that was rescued. It’s a love story, an inspirational love-at-first-sight story told through poetic language and vivid imagery. Peggy Race’s life leaps off the page, much as Desiree could leap over a six-foot fence. This story illustrates the depth to which friendship and love, be it human or canine, can transform a life. Not just for animal lovers, this book is engaging and universal, a reminder of the joy that comes from opening your heart."

--Carrie Newberry, author of Pick Your Teeth With My Bones

"I have received my first copy of Deputy Paws and I'm so excited. This little book is going to be SO useful getting the word out about puppy mills. It covers all the important points in a manner that young children as well as older can benefit from. The message is great and the illustrations are sweet. A big thank you to Peggy Race and Mike Motz. This book needs to be in every Library and on every night stand. I am ordering more and want to do my part to get puppy mills eradicated!"

-- Elda reviewed on Amazon

.... All because she loved a dog

Peggy Race grew up on a dairy farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin. Rooted in the fertile fields of her youth, she cultivated an appreciation for nature and a love for animals. Peggy spreads her seeds of hope through advocacy, fostering and her writing.

Deputy Paws Book Signing


Peggy Race published Deputy Paws and the Puppy Mill Cause in 2017 followed by Desiree: The Music of My Soul in 2021.

Bailing Out Benji Volunteer


Peggy is an active volunteer with Bailing Out Benji and is dedicated to raising awareness of puppy mills and their connection to pet stores.

Puppy Mill Educator


Peggy Race self-published a children's book to help educate the younger generation and provides educational presentations.

Peggy Race with Faith & Deputy

Dog Mom

Peggy lives with her two dogs, Faith, a ball-herding border collie and Deputy, a puppy mill rescue. She treasures memories of her rescued Hurricane Katrina dog, Desiree.

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