Peggy Race

Author, Advocate, Dog Mom

Peggy Race is Wisconsin-based children's book author, a literary memoir writer and an avid dog lover whose mission is advocating for animal welfare.  It is her vision to create a better world for our canine companions. To date, Peggy has completed several dog handling workshops and attended boot camps geared towards combating puppy mills. In recent years participated in a volunteer Dogtown internship at Best Friends Animal Society, volunteered at the National Mill Dog Rescue, as well as several other esteemed organizations.  Peggy has dabbled in dog sports, competing in agility and taking nose work classes.

Peggy currently volunteers with Bailing Out Benji, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of puppy mills and their connection to pet stores.  Peggy is currently a dog mom to two fun-loving dogs. Faith, a ball-herding border collie and Deputy, a cocker spaniel mix, rescued from a puppy mill and the inspiration behind her first book, "Deputy Paws and the Puppy Mill Cause. Peggy's upcoming memoir is inspired by Desiree, a Hurricane Katrina rescue who passed away in May 2019.

...all because she loved a dog

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                     Dog Mom

Peggy's dogs are her alarm clock, exercise companions, and her inspiration for putting pen to paper.


Peggy's involvement with Bailing Out Benji, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of puppy mills and their connection to pet stores, has brought to light the need for education.  After adopting Deputy, a dog rescued from a Kansas puppy mill, Peggy self-published a children's book to help educate the younger generation.  It is the youth of today who will be the decision makers of tomorrow and Peggy believes humane welfare education is an important component of change.


After adopting Desiree, Peggy found the rewards of adopting a dog worth the challenge. Eventually, she was gifted a book that spoke to her heart. The book, Bark Until Heard, that detailed life of a puppy mill dog, lit the flame inside her. From there, Peggy joined Bailing Out Benji as a voice for the dogs whose feet may never touch the ground. 



As a Wisconsin native, Peggy grew up on a dairy farm surrounded by animals.  In 2009, after losing her husband, Peggy found herself on a soul-searching mission. With the two dogs to care for, Peggy's chartered course took her down the road of animal welfare.  Peggy eventually adopted Desiree, a Hurricane Katrina rescue dog from Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah.  The journey Peggy shared with Desiree and the elements of herself that came to light propelled Peggy towards putting her story on paper. 

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