Deputy Paws and the Puppy Mill Cause

About The Book

Deputy Paws was born in a puppy mill.

He didn't have any freedom to run and play like other dogs get.

He was stuck in a small cage and not looked after properly.

His health could have suffered as a result.

His life might have been shortened just so someone who didn't care about him could make money.

In this fully illustrated children's book, Deputy Paws and the Puppy Mill Cause, we get an idea of what life is like for many dogs who are born in a puppy mill.

It follows his story from a sad and unhappy pup to one full of life in his new home where he is loved.

Deputy Paws isn't just a fun read for young children. It also carries a message of hope for one young dog and an important lesson for us all about the dangers of puppy mills and how to avoid buying dogs that are sold through them.

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