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Featured Articles

Featured Articles

Peggy Race is a volunteer contributor to Best Friends Animal Society and has contributed to the following articles:

Senior chihuahua finds love and harmony with musician-adopter

 When Stevie, an 11-year-old Chihuahua mix, arrived at Best Friends in New York from a shelter in Texas, she brought along a super-size personality that’s nearly as large as the state she came from.

Brimming with a saucy attitude and rocking to the beat of her own tune, Stevie lived life on her terms. She relished her alone time and set the tone and tempo of her friendships.

High energy dog, high energy adopter

Rachel says having a dog sharing similar traits has really made for a strong connection. As for Milo, today he’s got his own Instagram account, and he’s taught Rachel a thing or two about herself, including how to be more patient.

Whether you’re seeking a canine couch companion or a running buddy, you’ll find your dog match at your local shelter.

Grumpy, toothless min pin finds a family who loves everything about him

Everyone’s had an occasional bout of the Monday blues, but have you ever met a dog whose mood always seems sullen? When Ogden arrived at Best Friends in Salt Lake City, he was a grumpy, frail and vision-impaired miniature pinscher on the rebound from two failed adoptions. 

“He was already fairly old when he got here,” says Gillian Freed,  Best Friends lifesaving and care specialist in Salt Lake City. 

Senior cat comforts adopter during cancer treatment

It may have been Brigadier’s toothless smile and endearing head tilt that won over Emily on the slopes that day, but it’s his penchant for snuggling that she especially adores. And those snuggles came in handy when, soon after adopting him, she was diagnosed with cancer.

Looking for a daily dose of laughter and love? You can find it at your local shelter. Adopting a cat isn’t just good for them. It’s good for you, too.

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