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Education & Advocacy 

As an advocate and educator, Peggy Race enjoys sharing her knowledge about the proper care of animals and the alternative options to purchasing animals from a pet store. Peggy is available for book readings/signing and offers educational programs at night and/or the weekends. She provides educational programs for both children and adults. 

Peggy Race Signing Books

Book Signing

Peggy is available for book readings and/or book signings. She has participated in various events at coffee shops, arts & craft fairs, etc. Contact her today to schedule an upcoming event.

Kids Library Program

Library Program

Entertain the kids with a book reading and Freedom Garden activity at your local library. Following the reading of Deputy Paws, the kids plant flowers in the garden to symbolize the 5 freedoms pet owners need to know.

Adult Education on Puppy Mill

Adult Education

Peggy has crafted presentations on puppy mills in support of the Animal Welfare Act and offers educational programs for adults on puppy mills and how to responsibly buy your puppy!

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