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  • Peggy Race

Rescue Dogs-Unique Gift Revealed

Updated: May 5, 2021

From Jingle bells to White Christmas, the sounds of the holiday season fill my heart with a festive spirit. The stockings are hung, the tree is trimmed and the gifts are all wrapped. It's a special time of year when life is transformed by the rituals of the season; a subtle hint that another year will soon come to a close.

Like a child filled with wonder, my eyes focus on the ball of fur lying beneath the Christmas tree. An attractive package, she's wrapped in a multi-colored coat, tied together with a happy bee bop of a tail and tagged "Desiree-A Katrina Rescue."

In the silence of the night, between each breath she takes, I reflect on the journey we've shared; paths that crossed during times of loss. Each of us needing to be rescued.

Memories of the special moments we've shared the past seven years are cataloged in the photo album of my mind.

Each page a reminder of the bonds created as we began to understand each others thoughts and opinions; our own silly quirks and ways of behaving.

As an escape artist, Desiree has scaled six-foot fences. Opinionated and stubborn, she is choosy of her canine companions. A chorus of behavior problems that colored the vision of adopters before me.

Uncertainty is a common element when adopting an animal; their true personality hidden behind the instability of their past.

In essence, an invisible gift waiting to be unwrapped.

My senses are filled with an appreciation of all that she embodies.

My ears listen to her headstrong attitude as it conveys a message of uneasiness and fear.

My mind inhales the athletic abilities which have kept her lean and nimble for fifteen years.

My eyes admire her steadfast resilience in surviving two hurricanes and the loss of five families before me.

My hands embrace the lessons of patience and compassion she has taught.

My soul is full with the richness of her unconditional love.

As my gaze shifts to the twinkling of the lights on the tree, a warm glow brings forth a new perspective. Like the three wise men following the Star of Bethlehem, Desiree represents a visible symbol of my own personal growth.

For myself, the true gifts of this holiday season are born through the love of this dog; a dog who has taught me to weather the storms, to climb every hurdle and follow my passion. A gentle reminder that our greatest gifts are the unseen blessings felt in the heart.

When the magic of Christmas is replaced by the hopes and dreams of the New Year, the music of my soul will be filled with the tunes of an angel; a rescue dog who has rhythmically changed the tone of my life.

What are the invisible gifts in your life waiting to be unwrapped?

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